Acteur (nom propre) : Daigle, C.
1 No d'identification : 10787 Fonds : Trois-Rivières
  Information documentaire
« We the undersigned do hereby agree to close our respective establishments at seven o’clock P.M. commencing on Monday the sixth day of December 1858, and ending on Thursday the thirty first day of March 1859 (Saturday and Eves of Holidays excepted).

John McDougall
Timothy Lamb
James Shortis
Houliston & Co.
Frs. Fortin
Godin & Giroux
Frs. Rocheleau
Louis J. Robitaille
J.V. Ritter
Andrew Craig
J.F. Loranger
Sévère Hamel
Théophile Larue
L.E. Gervais
Rich. Lanigan
God. Lasalle
H. Craig
John Houliston Jr.
Wm. Lanigan
Michel Craig
Ronald McDonald & Co.
Rocheleau & Saucier
C. Daigle
C. Pichette
F. Stobbs
J.A.L. Olivier. »

L’écho du St-Maurice (3 décembre 1858): 3, col. 1.