Acteur (nom propre) : Deroon. James
1 No d'identification : 13766 Fonds : Trois-Rivières
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« Tuesday last, being the anniversary of St-Andrew, the members of that society met at Mr McPherson’s City Hotel to celebrate the day. Above forty gentlemen sat down to a splendid dinner, that might satisfy the taste of the most fastidious gourmand. The chair was taken at seven o’clock by George Baptist, Esq., President; S.J. Dawson, Esq., and James Deroon, Esq., Vice-presidents. The usual toast were drunk, and the evening enlivened by some excellent songs by G.B. Houlinston, Esq., Charles Hughes, Esq., and many others. The only drawback to the comfort of the evening was the coldness of the room, one of the largest in the City, not being sufficiently heated. This defect Mr McPherson no doubt will remedy for the future. No amount of the creature comforts were sufficient to produce that genial warmth which is necessary, at all times, to promote “the feast of reason and the flow of soul”. »

L’écho du St-Maurice (3 décembre 1858): 3, col. 1.