Acteur (nom propre) : Despins, F. X.
1 No d'identification : 14548 Fonds : Trois-Rivières
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« Insolvent act of 1875 and amending acts. In the matter of F.X. Despins, of the city of Three-Rivers, merchant, insolvent.
A writ of attachment has issued in this cause and the creditors are notified to meet at my office, no 8, Craig Street, in the city of Three-Rivers, on Thursday, the twenty second day of January instant, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, the receive statement of affairs, to appoint and assignee if they see fit, and for the ordering of the affairs of the estate generally.
Charles Dupont Hébert, official assignee
Three-Rivers, 15th January 1880. »

La Concorde (19 janvier 1880): 3, col. 4.
2 No d'identification : 14549 Fonds : Trois-Rivières
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Faillite de M. F.X. Despins, marchand de Trois-Rivières.

Le Journal des Trois-Rivières (29 janvier 1880): 2, col. 5.