Acteur (nom propre) : Robertson, John
1 No d'identification : 11190 Fonds : Trois-Rivières
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« At a General Meeting of the St-Andrew’s Society of Three Rivers, held at Bernard’s Hotel, on the 3d inst., the undersigned gentlemen were only elected to serve fot the ensuing year:

President: James Dickson, esq.
1st vice: John Roberston, esq.
2d Vice: Thomas Gordon, esq.
Sec. and treasurer: J. Denson
Physician: Dr Gilmor
Chaplain: Rev. J. Thom.

Comitee of Management: Lieut. Col. Hanson, J. McDougall, J. Ken, T. Thomson. »

Le Journal des Trois-Rivières (5 novembre 1853): 2, col. 1.
2 No d'identification : 14198 Fonds : Trois-Rivières
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« The Annual General Meeting of the Literary Association will, in the terms of the Constitution, take place in the Society’s Room on Monday, the 30th inst. at Three o’clock, p.m.

Members are particularly requested to attend, as business of importance will be laid before the Meeting.

John Robertson, secretary.

Three Rivers, 28 Dec. 1850. »

Le Journal des Trois-Rivières (28 décembre 1850): 2, col. 2.