Acteur (nom propre) : Symmes, [M.]
1 No d'identification : 13199 Fonds : Trois-Rivières
  Information documentaire
« To contractors, tenders adressed “Department of Public Works Toronto” will be received at this Office untill Tuesday the ninth day of November next, for newly Roofing the Court House at Three Rivers, in such manner as may be pointed out by the Superintendent of the place Mr Symmes.

The tenders are to be enclosed “Tenders for Court House at Three Rivers” and herein to be stated a bulk sum for the whole of the work. Also, the name of two solvent persons, who will be willing to become security for dyur completion of the contact, and for keeping the roof staunch and in good repair fot the term of three years.

It will be regnired of the person whose tenders may be accepted, to commence the work immediately upon being notifed thre of.

By order, Thomas A. Begly,
Secretary, Department of Public Works,
Toronto, 22 october 1858. »

L’écho du St-Maurice (5 novembre 1858): 1, col. 1.