1 No d'identification : 24063 Fonds : Sidérurgie
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(Résumé) En 1808, le chemin qui mené aux "ironworks" est décrit
de la façon suivante: (citation) "The road to them is through the
woods, at the back of the town, over and elevated sandy soil(...)
(Résumé) Sur le site des forges du St-Maurice en 1808, on
retrouve: (citation): "The manufactories, the furnaces, forges,
and work-shops; the barns, stables, and out-houses; the
habitations of the superintendant and work people belonging to
the establishment, vith their little gardens and plantations,
form altogether a small town". (...) There is one foundry, with a
large furnace for the purpose of casting stove plates, potash
bettles, machinery for mills, etc."
Selon l'observateur, (citation) "the process of modelling and
casting is conducted with much skill". (...) "The man dipped
their ladles into the melted ore, and carried it from the furnace
to the moulds, with which the floor of the foundry was covered".

John Lambert, Travels through Canada, s.l., s.n., 1813 : 484-485.

2 No d'identification : 25097 Fonds : Sidérurgie
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Tableau 4. Terres cultivées, Produits des champs, Plantes et

Propriétaires, locataires ou employés:
Nombre total d'arpents occupes: 30
Nombre d'arpents améliores: 5
Patates: arpents: 1/2
minots: 40

C 10079, Tableau 4, 75-13, Recensement du Canada, St-Tite, 1871.