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1 No d'identification : 21167 Fonds : Exploitation forestière
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As per request of your Mr Blouin. I beg leave to inform you that a great many logs that have been illegally cut are now on the banks of the rivers awaiting open water to float them away. Said to be about 7 000 cut on lots nos 9 to 13, 3rd Range S.E. Batiscan. The logs are now on the River des Envies, three miles above St-Tite church.

Said to be 5 000 logs cut on lots nos 20 to 25, 6th Range Lejeune. The logs are now on Petit Lac Long and are owned by Pierre Arcand, a speculator. He lives in Champlain.

I am also informed that a large quantity has been cut in Chavigny by L. Gauthier and R. Julien, two mill owners of Lac aux Sables. Impossible to give you the exact quantity or the number of the lots, but there must be in the vicinity of 100 000 logs.

Two years ago the above mentioned P. Arcand, cut all the merchantable timber that was on the 3rd Range S.E. Batiscan Seigniory, hauled it to the river St-Maurice and sold it to Mr V. Burrill.

The sale of those lots were cancelled last May and they were returned to our license, but on having them explored, we found but littleleft of any commercial value and the fire (encouraged by excessive cutting) had run over a large area. Now this man Arcand has get possession of several lots in the 6th Range Le jeune, and is allowed will (no doubt) in a year or two, leave a sad mess of which is now a valuable bush.

We trust that you will bear us out in begging of your departement to have the sales cancelled of all those lots in the 6th Range Lejeune that are not patented, and returned to the licenses before they are completely ruined. There is no arable land in this Range.

We also beg that you cancell the sales of lots nos 9 to 13 3rd Range Batiscan Seigniory. They have been under location Ticket for several years, nothing has been done toward cultivation neither will there ever be as the soil is uncultivable. The timber, which is the only value, is being removed more or less, every year.

Yours respectfully,
Price brothers & Co. Limited
(signed) R. Sissons, Agent.

«Lettre de Price Brothers & Co. au ministre des Terres et Forêts, 31/03/1910», Documents de la Session (D.S.), 45, 32 (1912).
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